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Self-Publishing Professionalism

Book marketer Lynn Serafin of Spirit Authors has laid out a detailed breakdown on how to make your self-published book look professional to marketers, potential buyers, and readers alike.

I’m direct linking here to another blog, but I found the information to be well presented and crucial for a new indie author to understand.

The problem with the mark of being a self-published author is that the term “self-published” is often not a good sign for book buyers. To many, a self-published book means unprofessional, poorly designed, bad formatting, and a lack of editing. Self-published authors tend to skimp on the polishing of their projects, which is a shame after how much work they had already put into their books. Potential readers do not want to buy unpolished books. Their money is worthy of a complete piece.

I urge each and every writer to take a look at the following blog links. The information is vital to your success and the growth of the indie book market. Though the information is targeted toward non-fiction authors, nearly all of it carries over to fiction authors.



Cyber Monday Deals for Writers

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or grab a holiday gift for a fellow writer, there are a few exceptional deals in these next few days you should take advantage of.

Was $120, now only $99.99!


  1. Writer’s Digest is celebrating cyber Monday beginning NOW! Grab some essential resources and supplies at a whopping 50% discount. Get an extra 10% off with the code CYBERSALE10 to drop everything to 60% off. Find novel writing software, grammar books, writing prompts, gift cards, games, and more at a steep discount only now through Monday.
  2. Evernote is giving away 6 months subscription for free when you subscribe for one year. “From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion.”
  3. Intentional Blog is knocking $100 off the price of their course, bringing it down to a mere $97. If you or a friend are looking to get serious about blogging or have been struggling to get a blog to the next level, this is the course you need. This program will help you build a powerful blogging brand.
  4. Get Started may be a better choice for those without much experience in the blogosphere. At 50% off Sophie, your trainer, will get you up and running on your way to becoming a successful freelance blogger.
  5. Self Publishing Success Summit offers lifetime access to it’s online seminar database. Through dozens of presentations and interviews the summit teaches not only how to be a better writer, but also how to market and monetize your writing. The lifetime all-access pass is only $97.
  6. Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals extend into the office supplies and electronics for those who are more interested in the physical act of writing, whether that be through pen and paper or hardware. Find great deals all week long, or check back in for the Christmas 12 Days of Office Supply Deals later into December.

Happy shopping! Every writer enjoys new toys to play with.

Bald Crow Publishing

I am excited to announce the creation of my business, Bald Crow Publishing.


As an independent author I had published my own works under the ‘make believe’ company, Bald Crow Publishing. In an effort to keep my expenses low I had learned how to professionally format my ebooks, contract out visual and vocal artists, produce audiobooks, and everything else associated with self-publishing.

Now Bald Crow Publishing will put those skills to use for other writers and content creators. If you or someone you know needs assistance with any of the aforementioned skills above, as well as manuscript composition or editing, shoot me an email.

The business is registered with the State of Oregon as a sole proprietorship. We will be building a business webpage shortly.

Contact us at baldcrowpublishing @at@ with any questions or business.


Recommended Reading Volume 3

When a Journey is Done

You don’t know what to do.

I finished my hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail a month and some change ago. Completing the journey brought up the same feelings as finishing my first novel. Confusion. Loss. Disappointment. Yearning. Yes, I learned that yearning can be a feeling.

I was lucky enough to have a party with friends at the northern terminus, at the end of the hike. Celebration was in order, for sure. But the excitement dwindled as the people stepped away, one by one, out of the lives we had each built for ourselves over the last six months, the lives we had put years of planning into.

Accomplishing something great is enjoyed in the moment and in the memory of it. Finishing it is not so much fun.

The journey had ended. The wandering had begun.

The city was overwhelming with its noise and congestion. Home was just as bad with all of the bills and responsibilities and societal expectations dumped on top of you like a heaping pile of wet laundry. Congratulations were more uncomfortable than appreciated. People don’t know what to say because they don’t understand. They’re happy that you finished your thing, but they don’t get that you’re sad because your thing is over. It was your thing. Now what do you have?

You have to start again. Start new projects. Work on a thing. Accomplish a new thing.

Being done is the worst part of the journey. People don’t like it when you’re not working on a thing. You don’t like it when you’re not working on a thing. Working to improve yourself, working on a career, working to help others, working to make a new thing.

When a journey is done, you don’t know what to do. When a journey is done, you need to start something new.

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