Works in Progress

As the title suggests, here is a quick look at my current projects. Silhouette: Episode #2 Following the events of my first Silhouette novella, the plucky little death from the shadows is in the process of completing another impossible mission given to her by the Presider. I’ve been working on […]

Silhouette Audibook Released

My fast-paced science fiction novella Silhouette is now available as an audiobook at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. It has been a great pleasure to work with my producer Zehra Jane Naqvi and I am overjoyed with how well the audiobook has turned out. I look forward to working with Zehra […]

Creative Self-Censorship

Self-censorship limits creativity, but not all artists are aware of their own. Are you? After listening to a podcast by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn with guest author Steven Pressfield I got to thinking about my own self-imposed censorship in my creativity. I know I censor myself. I question […]

Balance of Darkness and Light

Chaos is the nature of all things. Balance is the will of all things. Where darkness spreads, so must the light.   Let’s first look at this literally and through our own eyes. The universe is comprised of too many renditions of matter and wavelengths and an absence of things […]

Coffee Table Reading

What an author reads often influences their own writing. Here are a few of the current books on my coffee table.   Armada by Ernest Cline Cline’s Ready Player One has been showing up in pop media due to its upcoming movie release. I even discussed the book a bit […]