Free Book For You! Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail

Download Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail ebook for free now through Tuesday May 24th. Get it for your Kindle device today! Discover the highs and lows of backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail through daily journal entries and beautiful photos. Witness the contrast of landscapes from stark deserts to the […]

Silhouette Release, Frostarc Second Edition, and More 1

Near the end of June I am planning a three week backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail from Oregon’s Crater Lake to California’s Mt. Shasta, but before I jump into that adventure there are a few author-related tasks that I want to complete, and of course I want to […]

Categories Matter More Than They Should 3

As I approach the publication date of my upcoming novella, Silhouette, I have come to realize the struggle of labeling my story. Genres and categories are critical tools in this age of Amazon and ebooks, and choosing the most accurate classifications may not be as important as selecting what is […]

What Does it Mean to be Human?

Earth’s resources are finite, as is our sun, and so we must evolve to survive these eventualities. But are we willing to do what is necessary? In this TED video, How Humans Could Evolve to Survive in Space, Lisa Nip explains the necessity of harnessing the DNA of extremophiles, or […]

Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is Released! 1

Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is now available for purchase in print and as an ebook for your iPad and Kindle devices. Hardcover print edition $250 A large format, 358 page coffee table book. Kindle ebook $5 iPad/iPhone ebook $10 (now available direct from blurb, and soon straight from iTunes) Discover the […]