My Own Universe

In celebration of the upcoming release of Deceit of Humanity, the second book in my Shadow Assassin series, I am giving you a quick look into my own imaginary universe and creative process. As a special treat, you also get to listen to the audiobook of Vengeance of Humanity, my first […]

Silhouette is now Vengeance of Humanity

My Silhouette novella has been rebranded to Vengeance of Humanity: Shadow Assassin Book One. The new look and title better reflect the content of the book, and solidify the novella as the first in my Shadow Assassin series! Vengeance of Humanity has been updated across all platforms. You can get […]

Father of the Alien Xenomorph

H.R. Giger is the father of the Xenomorph. We call it an alien, we call it a monster, but to Giger his creation was beautiful, no matter how many people it raped and killed. Known for its interspecies sexual domination and wanton destruction, the xenomorph is not unlike ourselves. Perhaps we are […]

On Being a Muggle

I was never invited to Hogwarts. In this episode I offer you the Wizarding World as seen from an outsider’s perspective. This is a muggle’s story. Full Transcript Hey everyone. You’re listening to Paracosms where my goal is to help you get to know your fiction. I’m Arthur McMahon and […]

Ghost in the Shell is an American Horror Story

Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell franchise can be summed up in two words: fear and philosophy. The story became a success because it mirrored real American fears during a time when Cold War tensions were rising and the Internet was still a mystery to most. Full Transcript In 1989 I […]

The Layers of Discworld

Discworld is perhaps the quintessential example of worldbuilding. Decades of imagination by the late author Terry Pratchett went into creating a land so rich with depth that it has become a lens into our own world. Full Transcript Discworld is one of the most detailed and storied worlds in the realm of […]

The Legend of Zelda is a Modern Fairytale

The Legend of Zelda has used the fairytale formula to create memorable settings and characters that will stick in our memories for ages to come, but it has also added a new layer of complexity to the method in the form of interactivity, the game mechanics. Full Transcript The Legend […]