The Layers of Discworld

Discworld is perhaps the quintessential example of worldbuilding. Decades of imagination by the late author Terry Pratchett went into creating a land so rich with depth that it has become a lens into our own world. Full Transcript Discworld is one of the most detailed and storied worlds in the realm of […]

The Legend of Zelda is a Modern Fairytale

The Legend of Zelda has used the fairytale formula to create memorable settings and characters that will stick in our memories for ages to come, but it has also added a new layer of complexity to the method in the form of interactivity, the game mechanics. Full Transcript The Legend […]

The Walking Dead Wants to be Star Trek

AMC says that the Walking Dead franchise has the potential to last as long as Star Trek has. I have an issue with that. In comparing the Walking Dead’s decade of success to the fifty years that Star Trek has been around, I don’t have much faith in the franchise’s […]

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – Where the Villains Don’t Matter

The Marvel Cinematic Universe highlights its heroes and neglects its villains. Why is this? Marvel has a history of creating complex comic book villains with rich character depth, but the MCU movies display the bad guys as hollow shells of their true selves, nothing more than stepping-stones for the heroes to show […]

Middle-earth Was Not Made For You

J.R.R. Tolkien did not write his books for you or for me. Middle-earth was a personal project, firstly created for himself and his family. Tolkien originally wrote The Hobbit as a story for his own children, but after his breakout book became a great success he was convinced by his […]

Works in Progress

As the title suggests, here is a quick look at my current projects. Silhouette: Episode #2 Following the events of my first Silhouette novella, the plucky little death from the shadows is in the process of completing another impossible mission given to her by the Presider. I’ve been working on […]

Silhouette Audibook Released

My fast-paced science fiction novella Silhouette is now available as an audiobook at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. It has been a great pleasure to work with my producer Zehra Jane Naqvi and I am overjoyed with how well the audiobook has turned out. I look forward to working with Zehra […]