Works in Progress

As the title suggests, here is a quick look at my current projects.

Silhouette: Episode #2

Following the events of my first Silhouette novella, the plucky little death from the shadows is in the process of completing another impossible mission given to her by the Presider.

I’ve been working on this book since Silhouette’s release back in July. Though the characters and settings will be familiar, my inspirations for this piece turned more toward the horror within the science fiction universe. This story will feel a bit like Ridley Scott’s Alien movies with a twist of H.P. Lovecraft thrown into the mix.

I’m about halfway through the second draft. The story is looking to be about twice the size of the first Silhouette novella, creeping into the full-sized novel realm.


A Novel With Guthrow In It

I wrote a short story many years ago which made its way into Frostarc as a comic book story. Guthrow and His Crow has been itching at the creative side of my brain ever since, nagging at me to expand upon that which I had started.

This story resides in a universe where the powers of darkness and light vie for dominion over the Earth, but what the Earth itself desires is a balance between the two. This is a story of might and magic, but not the typical arcane elemental magic of traditional fantasy. Darkness and light are magical powers. Earth itself is magical, and so are its components. Bones, dirt, blood, water: these are magical to those who understand their powers.

I have tried to write this story several times over the years, failing to put together a complete narrative. Now I have finally finished the first draft of a novel-length piece. Guthrow was one the first characters I had ever created. His story has been long in the making.


Other Worlds Podcast

Other Worlds is set to debut before the new year. On the bi-weekly podcast I will be looking at fictional universes and examining them from a world builder’s perspective. The fictional places you love such as Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, the Star Wars universe, and countless others will be broken down into their constructive building blocks. I will look into how and why these worlds were constructed as they were and find out just what makes them feel so real.

In the first episode I will explore the layers of worldbuilding used in the creation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, a place where magic, science, and folklore collide. In another episode I discuss why the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been little more than stepping stones for the iconic heroes and why these roles must soon change. Later episodes will investigate why Tolkien spent decades building Middle-Earth for an audience who would never appreciate it and how Blizzard Entertainment has used multimedia to construct the world of Warcraft.

There’s a well of passion within me which all three of these projects are drawing upon. I’m excited to get the finished projects out to you as soon as I can!

What Do You Think?