Deceit of Humanity is Released!

Deceit of Humanity: Shadow Assassin Book Two is now available for purchase on Amazon.

You can grab it now as an ebook, audiobook, or paperback.


Deceit Of Humanity: Shadow Assassin Book Two

Multiple alien factions have a stake in humanity’s development, and livable worlds are hard to come by, but the monstrosity lurking within planet Thuun’s depths can only mean one thing:

Humanity, as we know it, will forever be changed.

Enforcer Silhouette returns to tackle another interplanetary mission by the order of the tenacious Senator Folami.

Colonization on Thuun has come to a halt, and its residents have gone silent. Silhouette joins a team of terraformation specialists and ragtag mercenaries in an effort to bring the facility back online. The crew expects to find death and destruction, but what they discover is madness.

When one of the scientists goes missing, Silhouette follows the trail to an underground labyrinth that may hold the answer to Thuun’s mysteries.


Vengeance of Humanity: Shadow Assassin Book One is on sale for a limited time.

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Born a slave to an alien corporation, Susan Singh escaped with the help of a politician who would shape the young girl into a deadly force of human vengeance.

Alien factions are tearing down the walls of human civilization. Men and women struggle to survive in a universe where humankind is considered an inferior species to all other sentient life. Leslie Folami presides over a clandestine council of world leaders bent on establishing the respect humanity deserves, even if it means starting a war that they cannot win. Unknown to her peers, Folami has sent her assassin on a perilous mission that might give them a fighting chance.

Raised as a secret tool for Folami’s political schemes, Susan was trained in the ways of the Enforcers from the past, taught to harness the shadow to her will and live as death incarnate. A decade passed under Folami’s tutelage before Susan was given the assignment she had been waiting for, revenge on the alien menace plaguing her home world and a chance to free her family.


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