Beer, Coffee, and Travel

What is a writer without vices? Here are my reports on some of the drinks I’ve tried and places I’ve been. I am The Brewporter.

Trail Flop

My grand plans to hike a 300 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail have been stalled by snow, but I still had an adventure. My father and I were dropped off at Oregon’s Crater Lake with the expectations that we would be hiking south 90 miles together to Hyatt […]

Bama and Back Again -Part 6- The Border

Going south of Marathon brought us to a world we had never yet seen. After passing through some border patrol checkpoints we entered Big Bend National Park, named for the ‘big bend’ the Rio Grande River makes to form the southern border of Texas. The Chisos Mountains and other awesome […]

Bama and Back Again -Part 5- The South

Little did we know that we were driving into a massive thunder booming, tornado flailing, gulf storm. As we drove down toward New Orleans we were hit with blindingly powerful rain. We’re from the Pacific Northwest, so we are accustomed to consistent, heavy rain, but this was dangerously different. Rain […]

Bama and Back Again -Part 4- Midwest

Leaving Albuquerque, we continued on down Highway 40 towards Tucumcari. Route 66 spectacles still within our sights, we hopped off the main highway and got another good look abandoned rest stops and towns along the old Main Street of America. Tucumcari had a bright and shiny chrome monument dedicated to […]

Bama and Back Again -Part 3- New Mexico

Arizona continued The radio stations in Arizona were littered with Eagles songs. Was it perhaps because we were approaching Winslow, Arizona? It was a small town. There weren’t many corners to be standing on. We took a turn off Highway 40 with signs that drew us in to come see […]