Beer, Coffee, and Travel

What is a writer without vices? Here are my reports on some of the drinks I’ve tried and places I’ve been. I am The Brewporter.

Backpacking Plans for 2016

I am so looking forward to getting some more hiking in later this year. Since my Pacific Crest Trail journey I have been sitting on my butt, a lot, and have been mostly locked in doors because of the Pacific Northwest winter rains. That said, I do have a few […]

When a Journey is Done

You don’t know what to do. I finished my hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail a month and some change ago. Completing the journey brought up the same feelings as finishing my first novel. Confusion. Loss. Disappointment. Yearning. Yes, I learned that yearning can be a […]

Beer Here

There is an anti-symmetry between my goal of posting to this blog on a regular basis, and the act of drinking beer for “research” and “content creation”. Though I have been tasting many beers, visiting breweries, and attending social beer functions, I have not been keeping the audience up to […]

The Human Bean

The Human Bean is a drive-up coffee chain located all across the western United States. My experiences originate from the locations along the southern Oregon coast. Without Human Bean leading the way, the small towns along Oregon’s southern coast would be nearly void of espresso offerings. Human Bean has invigorated […]

Bandon Coffee Cafe

Bandon Coffee Cafe is the hub of early morning traffic in downtown Bandon, and what a delight it is. Formerly known as RayJen’s, the cafe is nestled in the heart of old town, and yet just a street away from highway 101. The cafe is tucked away just enough to […]