Building a Brewery #1

One day I will have created my own brewery. These are the chronicles of that journey.

Though the interest started long before today, the true commencement of the journey is now. I have purchased my own home brewing kit. Though it will be fun to play with, I intend to use these tools and experiments as stepping stones toward understanding the process and ingredients involved in creating ales and lagers that are as wonderful as they are delicious.

Years before today. My beer drinking days quickly skipped beyond the cheap, mass-marketed, watered down pilsners best used for shotgunning and beer pong. Coming of age in the grand state of Oregon, I was quickly introduced to bitter ales and sweet Americian hefeweizens before I had any idea what I was getting into. I’ve come to learn that not all of the country is as rich in microbreweries and craft beer as I had grown accustomed too, but the market is changing for the better. And I want to contribute.

I’ve thought about starting a brewery for years, and today is the day where it all truly begins. I have purchased the supplies needed to homebrew my first batch of beer. Here’s what I’m starting out with.

Take your homebrew to the next level. The Gold Homebrew Kit has all you need to get brewing and adds a glass carboy for secondary fermentation resulting in a cleaner finished brew. Each Equipment Kit Includes: True Brew Handbook & Kit Instructions, 7.8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket, 1 Lid Drilled & Grommet, True Brew Rack & Fill kit, 6 Gallon Glass Carboy, Fermometer Fermentation Thermometer, Small Buon Vino Drilled Stopper, Hydrometer, Bottling Spigot, Emily Double Lever Capper, 3 Piece Airlock, Bottle Brush, C-Brite Sanitizer 8-Pack.

The Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit comes with almost everything I need to get started. Great reviews, great price. I was sold. But I still needed a few more items.

Stainless Steel, Thick Aluminum Capsuled Bottom, Tempered Glass Lid, Secure Handles, Dishwasher Safe. Comes in Color Box. This makes a great gift idea. Great for any type of cooking. Top Quality from Alpha.

I needed a large pot to boil the wort in. I found this steel stock pot just large enough to fit a five-gallon batch comfortably.

These are brand new 12oz amber longneck beer bottles and are sold by the case. There are 24 bottles in each case.

Dark bottles so that sunlight will not ruin the beer. Reviewers said these are sturdy and won’t break easily during the capping or carbonation processes. Good enough for me! I’ll still have to stock up on a few to accommodate an entire five gallon batch. Better start drinking and saving some store-bought beer bottles right now!

These oxygen caps absorb oxygen in the head space of bottles, which helps reduce oxidation and premature staling. All caps come in a quantity of 144 per bag. Color maybe gold or silver.

Bottle caps. Need I say more?

A dark and nutty brew, with an exquisite head. Each True Brew ingredient kit makes approximately 5 gallons of beer which is equivalent to 2 cases of 12oz beers. This Ingredient Kit Includes: Hopped Light Malt Extract (1 can), Light Dried Malt Extract (1 lb), Amber Dried Malt Extract (1 lb), Special Dark Brown Sugar (1 lb), Grain Steeping Bag, Grains: Chocolate, Dark Crystal & Roasted Barley, Hop Pellets (1 oz), Ale Yeast (1 pack), Priming Sugar (5 oz), Bottle Caps, Easy To Read Instructions.

And last but most important, the ingredients. I decided to go for an easy drinking, easy to make brown ale as my first brew.

And that’s it, folks. All in all I spent about $250 on all of the supplies you see here, and it’s mostly one-time expenses. It’s not that high of a price to get started, but it was a hurdle that kept me away for too long. I couldn’t handle the wait any longer, so I laid down some green and can’t wait for everything to arrive in the mail.

Welcome to day one of Building a Brewery. I’m going to go grab a cold one to celebrate. I suggest you do the same.

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