Audiobook Available — Frostarc

The Frostarc audiobook is now available for purchase.

Voice and production by Thomas Kitchen of Media Kitchen Films. The audiobook is about 9 hours in length and can be found on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

It was a pleasure working with Kitchen on this project. I was searching for producers via auditions through the Audiobook Creation Exchange, and it wasn’t long before my attention was grabbed by Kithcen’s stellar performance. Shoot him a message if you find yourself in need of a filmmaker, audio work, or anything other project where you can take advantage of his skill set.

And thus completes the Frostarc team and project. What more can be done? Together we have produced a print edition, ebook edition, and an audiobook. Thank you to Jill and my friends who were there to help inspire me and edit and edit and edit the novel. Thank you to Eran Fowler for the amazing artwork, and for bringing so much attention an recognition to the novel. Thank you to Lucas Kitchen for the superb audio performance and production. And thank you to everyone thus far who has read it, and again to those of you who have reviewed it.

I’m glad that together we have crafted a self-published, independent novel at the level of professionalism and polish we have attained. This is something I am very proud of, and it could not have come to what it has without all of you.

And so on to the next!

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