Denogginizer Double IPA

Denogginzer – American Double / Imperial IPA – Drake’s Brewing Co. – San Leandro, CA, USA

Another local beer, hurrah!

Upon the pour, Denogginizer emitted a soft aroma of hops. The first sip was bitter enough to give me the chills. The overall flavor is very earthy in the center of the palette, and kind of buttery on the sides and back. The taste lingers for a long time after swallowing. There’s also something candy-like about it, something I can’t place. It holds a very subtle sweetness.

The hops and malt are strong, both nearly overpowering, but striking a balance so very close to the line. It’s a bit drastic. The strength of these characteristics is near the danger zone, almost going overboard, but it doesn’t, and because of that it keeps me intrigued. I almost want to give up, but once the powerful flavors fade a tad bit I just want to drink more. Each sip is like a slap to the face, but before the violent hand is pulled away it gently rubs my throbbing cheek and teasingly passes a finger over my lips, causing me to desire it more.

Home again, but with the darling this time. Watching Kitchen Nightmares on the TV. Denogginizer definitely rattles the brain a bit. How do brewmasters name their creations so aptly? Watching Gordon Ramsay flip his lid on a chef and then later come back to comfort the poor guy is a striking reflection of this beer. Denogginizer acts like it’s going to beat the crap out of you, but in the end it sends you on your way with a pat on the back. A great beer to wake up the senses.

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