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Frostarc is Published!

Frostarc, my debut novel, is now available in both ebook and print editions!

The ebook is available on Amazon.

The paperback print edition is available on CreateSpace (soon to be available on Amazon).

Frostarc Cover

Over four years of work, and my novel is finally released. What a great day!

The ebook is currently available through Amazon for all Kindle devices and Amazon-friendly e-readers. The ebook will be available for all other devices in the near future.

The paperback print edition is currently available only through CreateSpace, but it will be available through Amazon by the end of the week. A hardcover print edition will be released down the road.

For those of you who decide to pick up a copy, enjoy it and I ask that you please leave a review on Amazon.

I’ll keep you posted on all future updates. It’s time to celebrate, but not for too long. More writing must be done!


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  1. it grabbed me & pulled me in right away. i want more… good read, nice flow, job well done…

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