Frostarc Impending

I am hours away from finishing Frostarc. Not that I will have it ready to sell a few hours from the time of this post, but there are only a handful of hours of work left towards this project’s completion.

I won’t go into detail, and even if it is fact I know it is still an excuse, but my 9 to 5 has been crazy these last few weeks between me being moved around to different locations and the craziness of the holidays blasting away at business.

I was hoping to have Frostarc ready to go before Christmas, but now it’s going to have to wait until the new year. It may be a week, it may be two or a few, but it’s just about there you guys. I know I’ve been saying “soon” for far too long, but it’s really just about there now.

I’m two-thirds the way through my final read through, and this is mostly just to ensure proper formatting for the ebook. After this, the ebook is ready to go, then it’s just a simple reformat for print and Frostarc will be released to the public.

I’m so very very excited. Thank you for all your patience. It’s been over four years in the making, over four years of me talking about it and only showing it to a select few, and it’s been long enough.

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