Putting the Pieces Together

One final edit, formatting for ebook, formatting for print book, ebook and print book covers, setting up for paperback, setting up for hardcover, getting an ISBN…what a mess!

I’ve been telling myself to take it one step at a time, but I have wound up working on many, if not all, aspects of this final stretch all at once. I’ve been hopping around my different self-publishing platforms, messing around in Photoshop, and editing all on the same day. It’s madness.

But it is all coming together. I can see the finish line. I should be there in a few weeks.

For now I’m still fixing technical anomalies on the ebook and searching for grammatical errors (hopefully there aren’t any more!). I’ve already changed a few things from feedback I received on the novellas. The final product will be as polished as I can get it.

Rounding the final corner!

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